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Posted on 04-05-2018

10 Symptoms of Dry Eye in Richardson, TX

Dry eye is a painful condition that can impact your vision. Although it may seem like an obvious condition to diagnose, certain signs can be subtle or counter-intuitive. Understanding the symptoms of the dry eye might help you to determine if you may be at risk for this very common syndrome.

Woman with dry eyes needs to visit an eye doctor.

Common Symptoms of Dry Eye

  • Foreign body sensation - It is a general feeling that there is something in your eye. Your eye might feel gritty or scratchy.
  • Burning - Your eyes might feel like they are on fire. This might be worse when you are tired.
  • Redness - A bloodshot look may be common.
  • Blurry vision - Your vision might fluctuate and go from blurry to clear depending on the time of the day. This is another symptom that might get worse when tired.
  • Itchiness - Your eyes may feel itchy. This is similar to the feeling that you would have in the midst of an allergy attack.
  • Dry feeling - It might feel like your eyelids are sticking to your eyeballs. Lubricating drops might help to relieve this temporarily.

Less Common Symptoms to Watch for

  • Heaviness and fatigue - You may notice a feeling of heaviness or fatigue. This might become more evident if you are tired or have been focusing on reading the material or a computer screen for an extended amount of time.
  • Achiness - Achy eyes usually come from the constant battle to keep the eyelids and eyeballs moving despite the tackiness that comes with dry eye.
  • Soreness - If there are any abrasions on the eye, it might feel sore. There is a good chance that the abrasions will feel like what a scrape feels like on your skin.
  • Light sensitivity - All of the impacts of dry eye can make your eyes more sensitive to light. You might get headaches if you have on lights that didn’t bother you before or have to look at a computer screen.

Schedule an appointment with a Richardson optometrist

If you think that you are suffering from dry eyes or any other eye condition, contact Arnold M. Stokol OD and Associates to schedule an appointment with an optometrist in Richardson.

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