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Eye Floaters Diagnosis and Treatment from Our Richardson Eye Doctors

Many patients experience vitreous floaters, which can be cobweb like or seen as tiny dots or strands. Floaters usually move and some patients describe them as shadows or like gnats.

What are floaters?

Behind the eye’s internal lens is a gel called the vitreous, which consists mainly of fluid, fiber and protein. Floaters are seen when clumps of protein or fiber move within the body of the vitreous. Floaters can be annoying but rarely do they require treatment.

How are Floaters treated?

With time, most floaters sink and settle to a level where they do not bother most people. However, when floaters are extensive and interfere with daily functioning, surgical removal of the vitreous (vitrectomy) is the only option.

While the vast majority of vitreous floaters are benign, they can also indicate a retinal tear. In such cases, floaters usually do not appear as a few isolated objects but rather as a shower of spots.  Should these symptoms be experienced, ESPECIALLY in conjunction with light flashes, a call to our office or to a Retinologist is critical.


The appearance of ‘lights’ with eyes open or closed is often harmless, however, their presence may indicate vitreo-retinal traction, which can result in a tear or even a retinal detachment. Any unusual ‘lights’ seen in the form of a kaleidoscope show or a ‘camera flash’ need to be treated as an emergency and require immediate attention.

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