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Contact Lenses

Think you can’t wear contacts? Think again!

The contact lens field has expanded dramatically over the last few years, and options now exist for just about any patient.

contact lenses

Whether you need bifocal contacts or have dry eyes, we have a lens for you. Being private practitioners, our office has access to any contact lens manufactured in the United States and we go to whatever lengths necessary to ensure that all who are interested in lenses are given the opportunity.

Soft Contact Lenses – How do I wear them; wear and type?

Daily Wear- Patients wear these lenses during waking hours and remove them for cleaning at bedtime. Any soft lens can be worn on a daily wear schedule.

Extended Wear- Patients wear these lenses continually, including while sleeping, removing them from between once a week to once a month, depending on individual factors. Only certain lenses qualify for extended wear use.

Custom and Prosthetic Tinted Lenses- For patients who have had surgery or trauma resulting in misshapen iris or pupil, prosthetic lenses can often be prescribed to mask their cosmetic or vision issues. If you would like information on Custom Lenses, please call us at (972) 669-9229

Bifocal Contact Lenses- These lenses come in soft and Rigid Gas Permeable form.

Scleral Lenses- Drs. Stokol and Fagala have specialized knowledge in fitting irregular corneas. Scleral lenses are designed to vault over the cornea and provide exceptional comfort and visual clarity. The lenses are ideal for patients who suffer from severe dry eyes, corneal degenerations such as keratoconus or pellucid marginal degeneration, or for patients who have had previous corneal surgeries.

Hybrid Lenses- Hybrid lenses have a rigid center to maximize vision with a soft skirt for comfort. This lens modality is an excellent alternative when comfort or lens stability is an issue with RGPs. This often arises in cases of high astigmatism, Keratokonus or other corneal irregularities such as Pellucid Deformity. Hybrids are now also available as Multifocals.

Rigid Aspheric and Translating Designs

Aspheric RGPs are ‘simultaneous vision’ lenses. Reading power is attained by creating a gradual change in a prescription on the front surface of the lens toward the lens periphery.

Translating multifocal are designed much like a lined bifocal lens in glasses. The lens has specific areas for both distance and reading. When looking ahead in the distance, the lens drops and the top of the lens positions in front of the pupil for maximum distance clarity. On downward gaze, the lower eyelid pushes the lens up just enough so that the pupil looks through the lower reading portion. These lenses tend to provide the clearest distance and near vision but are limiting in the intermediate.

How Do I Care For My Lenses?

Soft Lens Multi-Purpose Solutions

Multipurpose solutions incorporate cleaning, disinfecting (soaking), and rinsing all in one. Each solution contains a unique formulation, and patients need to stay with the system that Dr. Stokol and Associates prescribe. Switching solutions can lead to problems due to mixing of solution preservatives. While these systems do offer convenience, they can irritate the eyes; so, always report persistent problems with lens comfort to us, as this can be a sign of an allergic reaction to a solution.

We recommend always rubbing lenses before disinfecting at night, even if the solution is marked “NO RUB”.

Tip: If you have problems with irritation while using solutions, try rinsing with a gentle, non-preserved saline before lens insertion. This washes the lens of any harsh chemicals and can improve comfort and in addition saves money by rinsing with a cheaper saline rather than the more expensive multi-purpose solution. Also, please wash and air dry your contact lens case once a week and replace the case whenever a new bottle of solution is purchased. A majority of contact lens eye infections culture positive to the lens case.

Oxidation Systems

These systems use hydrogen peroxide to effectively kill any microorganisms that come into contact with the lenses. The disinfecting/neutralizing systems are preservative free and are great for patients that have had reactions to preservatives in the past or for those where dryness has been an issue. Follow the manufacturer’s lens care instructions carefully when using a peroxide based system.

Lens Lubricants

When necessary, patients can use lubricating drops to moisten their eyes during lens wear. Whenever the eyes feel dry or irritated, using a drop of rewetting solution can bring relief and extend comfortable lens wear. These drops cannot be overused and Drs. Stokol and Associates encourage frequent use when needed. We prefer non-preserved lubricants. Use only a lubricant that is approved for use, and compatible with your prescribed lens type.

Types of Specialty Contact Lenses

Rigid Gas Permeable

RGPs, as they are commonly known, provide excellent optics and oxygen permeability.

Many patients enjoy these lenses and while the adaptation period tends to be a bit longer than for soft lenses, those who persevere with RGP’s generally love the clarity of vision and ease of care that they provide. Also, in many cases, RGPs work the best for correcting astigmatism, and Dr. Stokol and Associates may recommend an RGP over a soft toric lens in order to provide the best vision.

Like soft lenses, RGP’s come in standard spherical form or as torics, which are sometimes needed to correct especially high amounts of corneal astigmatism.

Soft Lenses

How long do soft contacts last?

Most patients now wear soft lenses as disposables with discard regimens from daily to three months. Only daily disposable lenses require no maintenance. All other disposable lenses must be rubbed whenever they are removed from the eye…. whether the instructions on the Solution say it is necessary to rub them or not.

Soft disposable contact lenses have proven to be the safest and most convenient mode of lens wear, providing less deposit build up and better lens comfort and eye health. With new advances in lens technology and manufacturing, disposable lenses are now very affordable.

Got Astigmatism? No Problem!

The old saying that “I can’t wear contacts because I have astigmatism” no longer holds true.

Toric lenses are made specifically for astigmatism. These soft lenses have various mechanisms for lens stabilization providing excellent visual performance.  In addition to soft lenses, Rigid Gas Permeable lenses do an outstanding job of correcting astigmatism. See the RGP section for more details.

Soft Tinted Lenses come in a variety of colors and shades designed to either enhance natural eye color or totally change the appearance of the iris. Wesley Jesson leads the market with their line of Freshlook Color Blend lenses. Johnson and Johnson and Coopervision also make tinted lenses.

Soft Multifocal Lenses

For patients with less demanding visual needs and a strong desire to be free of glasses, soft multifocals may be the answer. The lenses tend to compromise vision somewhat, but the newer designs have proven to be most successful and have made many of our patients very happy.

Multifocal contact lenses are a great option and with Monovision give us the tools to prescribe contacts for most patients.

Rigid Lens Care

An advantage of rigid lenses is their ease of maintenance. Unlike soft contacts, they can be rinsed with water. RGP care systems either have a separate cleaner or they can be multipurpose, in which case the cleaner is incorporated as part of the disinfecting and wetting system

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Dr. Stokol is professional, competent, and caring. He is the Michael Jordan of his profession.

- Gary C. / Dallas, TX

Dr. Andreane Fagala is very knowledgeable, professional, personable and does a very thorough examination. Takes time to answer any questions I had.

- Gordon K. /Rockwall, TX

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