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Dry Eye Treatment at Your Richardson Optometrist

Dry eyes often result in multiple symptoms that have the potential to cause complications. Learn facts about dry eye symptoms and treatment. Discover how your optometrist in Richardson provides specialized care using the latest technological advances for all your eye care needs.

Woman with dry eyes needs to see an optometrist.

Dry Eye Basics

Many people experience dry eyes, which increases with age. In fact, the American Academy of Ophthalmology reports that when just considering individuals over age 50, more than three million women and close to two million men experience dry eye syndrome.

 Tears play an important role in your eye health. There are three layers to your tears, each playing its own part to keep your eyes healthy, including promoting good vision. When you have fewer tears or poor quality tears, you run the risk of developing dry eye syndrome.

 Only a skilled professional can tell if you have dry eye syndrome, which is one reason so many people turn to Arnold M. Stokol, O.D., and Associates for dry eye treatment in Richardson TX.

Symptoms and Complications

Some people experience feelings of tired eyes, feeling of a foreign object or gritty sensation in their eyes. Other symptoms include pain, irritation, swelling, and redness.

 Failing to receive an accurate diagnosis and failure to receive proper treatment increases the risk of developing complications. Potential complications include damage to the cornea, development of chronic inflammation, a contagious infection called conjunctivitis or visual disturbance.

Causes Of Dry Eyes

There are several causes of dry eyes. Some individuals have more than one of the risk factors for developing the condition.

 Certain work environments, dry, windy, dusty air, allergens, certain medications and autoimmune conditions such as Sjogren’s syndrome and some forms of vasculitis contribute to dry eye syndrome, as does smoking and injuries to the eye. Too much screen time and leaving contacts in for too long are also potential contributing causes.

 Hormonal changes play a role in the development of dry eyes. Healthline explains that menopause increases the risk for dry eyes. Tear production decreases during perimenopause and menopause. Experts point to multiple factors that make menopausal women more at risk of developing the condition. Learn more when you visit our optometrist in Richardson. 

Treating Dry Eye Syndrome

Preventing and treating dry eye syndrome requires specialized knowledge. When you come in for your appointment, you receive a comprehensive eye exam using the latest technological advances and recommendations for treatment based on your personal needs.  

Discover the personalized care you receive for all your eye care needs at your Richardson optometrist, Dr. Arnold M. Stokol, O.D., and Associates. Contact us at 972-669-9229 to learn more or to get started on your dry eye treatment in Richardson today. 

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Dr. Stokol is professional, competent, and caring. He is the Michael Jordan of his profession.

- Gary C. / Dallas, TX

Dr. Andreane Fagala is very knowledgeable, professional, personable and does a very thorough examination. Takes time to answer any questions I had.

- Gordon K. /Rockwall, TX

Office Hours

Monday8:30 am5:30 pm
Tuesday8:30 am5:30 pm
Wednesday8:30 am5:30 pm
Thursday9:30 am5:30 pm
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