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Frequently Asked Questions


Can scratches be removed from my lenses?

No, due to the fact that polishing out scratches would change the prescription or distort the optics of the lens.

What lens works best for sunglasses?

Polarized lenses are best for sunglasses, mainly to reduce reflections of water and surfaces such as the road. Polarized lenses, however, will make it difficult to read LED displays such as the radio in the car. Full UV protection is an important part of a prescription or non-prescription sunglass lens.

Can regular glasses be used for sports?

It is not advisable to wear street glasses for sports or any activity where the impact is possible. Sport or Safety glasses must be used in both instances.

What can help my night vision?

Full distance glasses correction, with anti-reflective coating or distance contact lenses, are the best form of correction for night vision.

How do I know what is the best lens and frame for me?

Our skilled opticians will guide you to choose the best lens for your visual needs. They also have a flair for what frames are appropriate for a particular prescription and which would look good on an individual.

Can I get glasses that will be both clear and sunglasses?

Photochromatic lenses, often known by the Transitions trade name, are lenses that darken in direct UV light. These lenses work best when outdoors, in cooler temperatures, and have very limited darkening effect in an automobile.

How much does an eye exam cost?

A comprehensive exam is $160 for a new patient and $145 for an established patient. This is does not include charges for any further testing that is found to be necessary during the exam.

How much is a contact lens exam?

Contact Lens Professional fees vary between $75 and $185, depending on the complexity and type of lens prescribed. These fees would be in addition to the comprehensive exam cost.

Is my child likely to inherit my need for glasses?

There is a higher chance of needing glasses by a child if one of, and especially if both the parents need vision correction. This also applies to conditions such as Amblyopia, commonly called “lazy eye” and it is therefore important to schedule examinations for the offspring of anyone who has vision issues.

Do you accept Medicare?

Yes, for covered items, our doctors accept assignment from US Government Medicare, but not from plans such as Medicare Advanced.

Do you accept Medicaid?



Can I order contact lenses online or by mail?

Once your contact lens prescription is final you are welcome to get them online. Keep in mind that our prices are competitive and we can only service lenses that are purchased from our office.

What do contact lens brands you carry?

All of the major brands as well as Specialty Lenses when needed. As independent doctors, we can order whatever we feel is best for the patient.

How do I get a copy of my receipt?

After each visit where there is a payment transaction, a receipt will be handed to you at the time of the visit. Extra are always available if needed.

How do I get a copy of my prescription?

Once a prescription is finalized a copy will be given to you. Added copies are always available if needed.

How do I request a change to my name or address on your mailing list?

Just ask and we will make whatever changes you request.

How do I place an order?

Glasses or Contact Lenses can be ordered in person, by phone or online via our website. Unless a glasses order is a duplicate of a previous pair, it is likely that coming into the office will be necessary to get exact measurements.

What do need before placing an order?

A current prescription is needed to fill a spectacle or contact lens order.

I’m having a problem with reading and understanding my prescription.

Prescriptions can be complicated but you can feel comfortable that we will fill it correctly. If there is something in particular that you do not understand, we will take the time to explain it to you.

Do you sell designer frames?

Yes, we have one of the best selections of eyewear in North Texas and constantly change our inventory to keep it fresh and updated.

Can I order frames with non-prescription lenses?

Yes, you can. Glasses make a “statement” and can be made with non-prescription lenses if a patient so desires.

I made a mistake when ordering, what do I do?

We want you to be happy with your purchase and will restyle if you feel that you made are wrong choice initially.

What if my frames need adjusting after I get them?

Our skilled, helpful opticians are always available to adjust your glasses not only initially but any time they need adjusting. Glasses will loosen with time and we want you to feel comfortable coming in at your convenience to have them adjusted.

What is your privacy policy?

We go beyond all requirements to keep our patients’ personal information strictly private. Our electronic records are secure and we do not disclose patient lists to any entities.


How long does it take to make my glasses?

Depending on the type of lens, between a few hours and up to two weeks

How long will my contacts take to be delivered?

Usual delivery time is 3-5 working days. Some contact lenses can be ‘direct shipped’ to you from the supplier.

When will my credit card be charged?

Charges are posted when the order is placed.


Can I use my contact lens prescription for ordering prescription eyeglasses and vice versa?

No, this is not possible, as glasses and contact lens prescriptions are different.

Can the prescription be read off my old/current lenses?

Yes, we have the technology to measure existing spectacle lenses.


How do I pay you?

We accept cash, checks, debit cards and credit cards as payment for product and services. Payment is necessary at the time services are provided and the product must be paid for in full before dispensing.

What are your guarantee and refund policy?

Professional fees are not refundable. Glasses and unopened contact lens boxes are fully refundable although we do whatever it takes to refit you if necessary. We don’t want our patients to feel they have to keep glasses that they are not happy with.

Do you refund postage and/or packaging?


Can I exchange my frames for a more expensive pair?

Yes, we want you to be happy with your purchase.

Is the payment page secure?

Yes, completely.

Eye examinations

When should my child’s eyes be examined?

Dr. Fagala is an InfantSee provider, offering free examinations for infants aged 6 months to 1 year. However, by age 5 years of age, all children should have had a comprehensive exam.

When should an adult’s eyes be examined?

‘Well’ Eye Health and Vision Examinations should begin during early school going years, long before adulthood.

Is ‘Pink eye’ contagious?

Infectious Pink Eye (usually bacterial or viral) is, but allergic is not.

Do I have to pay for an eye exam?


Why do I need an eye exam every 12-18 months years?

Asymptomatic vision changes that can affect performance and comfort can be detected and corrected for during these visits. Also, there are many eye conditions that do not have symptoms that regular exams can detect, therefore preventing vision loss and other symptoms such as eyestrain and fatigue.

Why do I need regular eye exams if I’m diabetic?

Diabetes patients, even those without symptoms, are at risk for diabetic retinopathy, which can damage the retina and is a leading cause of vision loss in the US.

I’m diabetic but my vision hasn’t changed. Why do I need an eye exam every year?

The retina is where a doctor can, without invasive techniques, see the body’s naked blood vessels, giving us a ‘window’ into the health of the vascular system.

Why does my child need to go to an Optometrist when they have their eyes checked at school?

Both school and Pediatrician office offer screenings only, and that is all they are, SCREENINGS. They do not measure refractive error, muscle balance, depth perception, intraocular pressures and many other details, which are standard in a child or adolescent comprehensive Optometric Eye Examination.

Contact lenses

Can my child wear contact lenses during sports activities?

Yes, often contact lenses are the BEST option for correcting vision during sports, however when not appropriate, glasses made for safety and impact resistance are available.

Do contact lenses prevent nearsightedness (myopia) from getting worse?

Soft contact lenses do not control or reduce the progression of myopia. Rigid lenses can have some effect on halting the progression of myopia but we have learned over the years that with oxygen permeable materials the effect has lessened. Myopia control should not be the motivation for putting your child in contact lenses.

Is it safe for me to clean my contact lenses with a homemade solution?

No. Serious eye infections and permanent vision loss can occur from infections such as Acanthamoeba. It is never a good idea to ‘make your own’. Commercially available systems, as recommended by your eye doctor are what you should use. Never change disinfecting solutions without consulting us first.

Am I entitled to my contact lens prescription?

Yes. You can fill your prescription elsewhere once the Rx is finalized but we encourage you to have our office provide your lenses as we can replace lost or torn lenses at no charge as well as exchange lenses for you should your prescription change. Also, our prices are very competitive.

I have astigmatism – can I still have contact lenses?

Yes, toric lens technology has improved significantly over the years and today the majority of patients with astigmatism can successfully wear lenses.

I am over age 40 and need reading glasses – can I still wear contact lenses?

Most likely, yes. Multifocal contacts have evolved and in many cases work well for correcting both.

If my contact lens Rx has expired, can I still purchase contact lenses?

A valid prescription is needed to order a contact lens supply. However, we always give our patients enough lenses to see them through to their examination.

Is it ok to lick my contact lenses before putting them in?

No, it is unsafe to wet your lenses with saliva due to the high bacteria content in the mouth, significantly raising the risk of a vision threatening infection.

Is there a high risk of eye infection if I wear contact lenses?

The risk of infection while wearing contacts is very low as long as recommended wearing time and disinfecting procedures are adhered to as instructed.

In the past, I have been told to only wear my contact lenses during waking hours. Why do I have to take them out before going to sleep?

There are specific lens materials that are intended for extended wear, however, while sleeping we do not blink and this reduces tear exchange under the lens. This scenario raises the chance of infection.

Why can’t I use my spectacle prescription to buy contact lenses?

Contact lenses are made with many different parameters and need to be specifically fitted to the eye. The power is based on the power of the glasses but that is only one of the variables needed for a safe and comfortable fit.

What should I do if my contact lenses are uncomfortable or my vision is not good?

If ever you have issues with your contacts, our doctors are available for consultation, even after hours. With any significant drop in vision or comfort, it is important to remove your contacts and to call the office immediately.

Why do I get a new storage case when I collect my solutions if the one I’m using is still ok?

Because it is important to change your case often. Very often, with contact lens wear, the lens case is the cause of infection.

Why do I still need glasses when I wear contact lenses?

It is necessary to have a functional pair of back up glasses in case of the need to remove your contact lenses. Eye infections and dryness are two examples of many reasons why it may be necessary.


I’m looking for a specific eyeglass frame. How do I find it?

If you have the frame details, the chances are high that we can order the frame for you.

Should I order my eyeglasses online?

Unlike many other commodity items, glasses need to be fitted and the lenses accurately centered relative to your pupils. It is, therefore, a much better idea to get glasses fitted and maintained by a hands-on optical where you can get ongoing care by technicians that you can trust.

How do I get my eyeglasses repaired?

Just bring them in and we will gladly fix them for you.

How do I properly care for my eyeglasses?

Always wash your lenses with mild soap and water or use a spray prior to wiping them with a soft cloth. Wiping a dry lens will usually scratch the lens or its fragile surface coating.

How much do lenses cost?

From single vision plastic to high index photochromatic multifocal, with anti-reflective coating, prices range from $90 to $600 a pair.

Do you carry Transitions® lenses?

Yes, we do.


What materials are available for glasses?

Lenses are available in Glass, Plastic, Trivex, Polycarbonate and High Index.

Do you sell prescription sunglasses?

Yes, we do.

Do you sell lens coatings and tints?

We have all the lens options available, from anti-reflective to anti-fog to UV filtration.

Do you sell progressive lenses?

Yes, Progressive Multifocal are the most frequently prescribed lenses for our patients over 45 years of age.

Computers, TVs, lighting, and glasses

Will working on a computer screen hurt my eyes?

No, but excessive computer work can cause neck and shoulder issues, fatigue, headaches, and eyestrain, especially if done without correctly prescribed glasses specifically for that task.

Will sitting too close to the television set hurt my child’s eyes?


Why have I gradually found it harder to read without glasses?

Once we reach our early to mid-forties, the eye’s internal lens begins to lose flexibility and so the focal point for reading recedes, making it necessary to use reading glasses.

Are sunglasses good for my eyes?

Yes, a good pair of sunglasses, with or without prescription reduce glare and eliminate UV, which over time speed up the development of cataracts and potential damage to the retina.

Will reading in dim light hurt my eyes?

No, but doing so can cause strain and headaches.

How often do I need to get my prescription changed?

There is no set timing for this but most people need some adjustment to their prescription every 12-18 months, which is why we recommend that as the frequency of eye exams.

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